HangOn delivery is much more than just delivering products. You always receive extensive know-how and smart solutions for hanging and masking too.

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HangOn’s service is present throughout the delivery chain, from order to shipping. Our customized IT solutions streamline our entire order, manufacturing and delivery process. This ensures that you get products faster and at a lower cost. Our spreadsheet programs, available to all HangOn distributors, produce 3D-models and draft proposals for smart solutions for your order.

We know that quick response and fast delivery are important for your operations. One of our trademarks is that we always get back to you directly and that you can trust us to deliver in time. We are constantly improving our logistic solutions to ensure the best possible deliveries today and in the future.

Our main distribution hub in Sweden, recently extended to 20 000 m², houses a new logistics centre where we are developing and extending both warehousing and shipping. But above all, it is a hub where know-how, manufacturing and smart logistic solutions all come together.