Product Development

We put the same effort into continuously developing and improving our standardized solutions as we do into designing customized solutions. Many of the solutions that count as standard are, in fact, simply revolutionary.


Our Quick Family is a prominent example of making the coating process more efficient and simplify automation.

A version of HQL, adapted to mount on shafts, and with a hook Ø1,5 mm.


A smart hanging system with a flexible shaft with welded profiles which minimizes hanging marks. Is easy both to get started with and adapt to the desired length (400–2400 mm). Holds up to 100 kg.


Levels for small products. The hooks are only Ø1,0 mm which mean minimal hanging marks. Made of durable spring wire.


Axle masking with ribs and material optimized design. The masking can also be used for holes. Thanks to GAQ, axle masking has never been faster.