Smart masking

Friction reduction

  • Mask with ribs – the reason behind most ribs is to reduce friction, thus speeding up handling, such as GAQ, SSR, GTM.


  • Bear in mind that slitback makes discs a lot quicker to detach and use. Use discs such as ERX or ERS.

Target rings

  • To work with discs printed with target rings are a lot easier to centre over holes, compared to discs without print. Use discs such as ERX.


  • Choose plugs and masking with proper grip which make work faster and more ergonomical, such as GBH, GKW.

Hang and mask simultaneously

  • GHH, GHA and QB make it possible to do two things at the same time.

Use ventilated masking to avoid trapped hot air

  • Trapped hot air expands and builds up pressure which can push normal maskings out of place. By using our ventilated maskings you can avoid this effect with e.g. GAP, GAQ or GVM.

Minimize coating edges

  • The transition between coated and masked surfaces can sometimes be quite sharp – one way of avoiding this problem is to shade the transition zone with e.g. GKW.