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HangOn is a partner who helps customers to find smart solutions for hanging, masking and handling which increases the efficiency and profitability in their coating process.

We develop and produce in our own factories and distribute our products to more than 40 countries around the world.

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Introducing the brand new HQW S

What is the easiest way to achieve denser hanging? It’s HQW S! 
Just hang it directly on your conveyer and in a second you’ll have up to 8 times as many hanging points as a standard hook. Its smart crossed wire design ensures great stability, and top hooks that enables both plane, 90 and 45 degree hanging – for even denser results.

Even unpacking the HQW S is easy.

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Green Effect

Do you know how big your CO2 footprint is? We do!

How much CO2 is emitted from your coating line? How would you even calculate such a thing? We know it’s difficult – yet such an important question in today’s society. Therefore, we have created a calculator that can not only tell you how big your footprint is, but also how you could improve those numbers and get even greener results!

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