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WASHER PLUG (Cylindrical)
Pull plugs which also mask the surface around the hole from one side. Special variations in addition to the regular assortment are available. The plug is pulled into place.

Qty per FitsABDH
Prod No.boxtoColourmmmmmmmm
GBM 131000M3Pink10,02,91520
GBM 3**1000Clear10,03,01010
GBM 3x8**Clear8,03,01013
GBM 3,5**1000Green10,03,51015
GBM 141000M4White10,03,81520
GBM 4**1000Clear10,04,0109
GBM 151000M5Green12,04,51520
GBM 5**1000Clear10,05,01010
GBM 16500M6Blue14,05,51520
GBM 6**500Clear15,06,0109
GBM 18500M8Yellow16,07,41520
GBM 8**500Clear15,08,01015
GBM 110250M10Rusty18,09,21525
GBM 10**250Clear20,010,01019
GBM 112250M12Red20,011,01525
In addition to the above washer plugs there is also a design with washers.

Qty perFitsKLMT
Prod No.boxtoColourmmmmmmmm
GBMB 31000M3Pink1062,66
GBMB 41000M4White1063,46
GBMB 51000M5Green1274,16
GBMB 6500M6Blue1485,06
GBMB 8500M8Yellow16106,76
GBMB 10500M10Rusty18128,26
GBMB 12500M12Red20159,96

GS 7

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