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A conical stopper made for different situations. The flexible design makes it perfect as a tube insert or for masking a hole or around an irregular hole. The conical part is ended with a fixed diameter which is designed for metric threads. The hollowness makes the plug very flexible, the masking tool Pusher and the grip makes the handling easy.

Qty perFitsD-dHB
Prod No.boxColourtommmmmm
GKM 081000YellowM87,3-4,02011,3HangOn file
GKM 08B500YellowM87,3-4,02017HangOn file
GKM 101000RustyM109,1-4,52013,1HangOn file
GKM 10B500RustyM109,1-4,52021HangOn file
GKM 12500RedM1210,8-6,02014,8HangOn file
GKM 11.8500Lilac11,8-7,02015,8HangOn file
GKM 14500BlueM1412,5-8,02516,5HangOn file
GKM 14B200BlueM1412,5-8,02523HangOn file
GKM 13.1200Orange13,1-9,02517,1HangOn file
GKM 16250GreenM1614,5-10,52518,5HangOn file
GKM 16B200GreenM1614,5-10,52531HangOn file
GKM 20200BlackM2018,0-13,02522HangOn file
GKM 20B100BlackM2018,0-13,02538HangOn file
GKM 22200YellowM2220,0-14,02524HangOn file
GKM 24B50BlueM2421,0-15,01533HangOn file
GKM 30.5100White30,5-24,02534,5HangOn file
GKM 34.350Black34,3-28,02538,3HangOn file
GKM 47.125Red47,1-40,02551,1HangOn file
GKM 53.625Blue53,6-47,02557,6HangOn file

GS 16

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