START  - Masking for holes  - Metric cylindrical pull plugs (GDM) 

A pull plug with a knob on the pull shaft for better gripping. The diameter of the plug end has been increased to act as a mask stop and it will also mask the entrance to a threaded hole. Most sizes are available in two lengths. The plug is designed for metric threads.

Qty perFitsDLdl
Prod. No.boxColourtommmmmmmm
GDM 2.8x151000PinkM32,8151,425HangOn file
GDM 2.8x301000PinkM32,8301,440HangOn file
GDM 3.6x151000WhiteM43,6152,125HangOn file
GDM 3.6x301000WhiteM43,6302,140HangOn file
GDM 4.7x151000GreenM54,7152,825HangOn file
GDM 4.7x301000GreenM54,7302,840HangOn file
GDM 5.2x151000BlueM65,2152,825HangOn file
GDM 5.2x30500BlueM65,2302,840HangOn file
GDM 7.1x15500YellowM87,1153,325HangOn file
GDM 7.1x30500YellowM87,1303,340HangOn file
GDM 8.8x15500RustyM108,8155,025HangOn file
GDM 8.8x30200RustyM108,8305,040HangOn file
GDM 10.5x15200RedM1210,5155,025HangOn file
GDM 10.5x30200RedM1210,5305,040HangOn file
GDM 12.5x30200BlueM1412,5306,340HangOn file
GDM 14.5x30100GreenM1614,5307,240HangOn file
GDM 16x30100RedM181630840HangOn file
GDM 18x30100BlackM201830940HangOn file

GS 1

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